Top 6 Tips To Establish A Successful Daily Meditation Practice

Top 6 Tips To Establish A Successful Daily Meditation Practice

Have you ever tried to learn a new habit or teach yourself a new skill? The answer should be yes! But you might have failed to achieve the target and wondered how others win at developing new habits. Well, the one who wins often knows the secret of successfully adding a new habit to their life, which is practicing. And the same goes when one tries to add a daily meditation practice to one's life.

A long-time meditator from Washington, Sadie Bingham, says, "It is important to meditate daily because you are cultivating a habit." Well, the same mantra applies to daily meditation practice too. Sadie Bingham is a clinical social worker with a specialty in anxiety. 

Starting with a daily meditation practice can be tough enough for beginners, but most of them find it easier once they observe some of its valuable benefits. However, it is okay to be confused about whether you can make meditation a necessary part of your everyday routine? Let me tell you; it is possible. And to help you add a daily meditation practice into your routine, here are a few tips for meditation for beginners that shall work.

Find The Appropriate Time

You can find sources that recommend ideal time zones for engaging in your daily meditation practice. But honestly, the ideal time to do meditation is whenever you feel you can make your meditation work. Start meditating at a time that does not go well with your everyday schedule and responsibilities. You will probably begin to feel frustrated and leave your daily meditation practice in-between. Thus, you can start doing your daily meditation practice at different times every day. This way, you can find out the time interval that works the best for you. And no matter what time you choose, remember to follow it religiously. 

Start With Small Sessions

Following a daily meditation practice for 30 minutes or 45 minutes can be your goal. However, that doesn't mean that you should start meditating for 30 or 45 minutes a day, as it will make you feel tired and eventually lose interest in following the practice. Take small steps and start with small meditation sessions because even a daily meditation practice of 10 to 15 minutes offers long-lasting benefits. And when you become comfortable with the time slot, start adding a few more minutes into it until you achieve your desired time. 

Choose Restful Clothing

You have probably seen photos of people meditating while sitting in an uncomfortable position or wearing denim or other non-flexible clothing items. It is tough to practice daily meditation if you are doing something that makes you physically uncomfortable. Thus, ensuring your comfort before starting your daily meditating season is important. 

To ensure that you successfully add meditation as a habit to your daily life, you must wear comfortable clothes that are meant to support you in athletic activities. Also, if, like many others, you are avoiding investing in activewear clothing because they don't offer the same value as per their cost, then athleisure wear stands as a great solution. Brands such as Fitmod offer a varied athleisure wear clothing range that will keep you comfortable during your daily meditation practice and are great options to be styled as both formal and casual wear pieces. Just put a blazer over your sports bra and complete the look with trousers or tuck your polo t-shirt with a pair of pants and you are good to go anywhere. 

Try A Meditation App

Are you still feeling a little uncertain about starting your daily meditation practice, or are you facing questions like how to meditate? Well, when in doubt, it's better to turn to your smartphone, especially when there are several applications to teach you everything you want to learn. These high-rated meditation apps help you find the right meditation practices for different situations, calming sounds, breathing exercises, tools & graphics to simplify your meditation journey. However, always consider a few factors like your budget & experience level before enrolling in a meditating program. And thus, you will be able to find the meditation program that works for you.

Have Patience

It takes much time to adopt a new habit, thus, avoid worrying if your daily meditation practice doesn't seem to click for you at first. Instead of looking for reasons for failing while meditating, you should explore all the difficulties you face with curiosity and an open mind. Because the challenges you face during meditation ultimately guide you to having a more successful daily meditation practice

Figure Out Where You Are Failing

No matter how long you have been practicing meditation, your mind may still wander. And this is completely normal; remember that a wandering mind isn't enough reason to leave the practice. Also, a wandering mind means that you are developing awareness which is a good thing for a meditation practitioner. Also, whenever you find yourself distracted, instead of forcing yourself to re-focus, be gentle with yourself, and you will succeed. And by following steady meditation practice, you can see valuable benefits over time. 

The Most Effective Technique For Daily Meditation Practice

Now you are ready and have all the information you need to give the practice of meditation a shot, here is a meditation technique that you should follow:

  • Start with finding a suitable spot where you can feel relaxed.
  • Set a timer on your smartphone for three to five minutes.
  • Now, start by focusing on your breath. Notice each inhale and exhale. 
  • Breathe slowly & deeply, in a way that feels natural.
  • If your thoughts begin to wander, try to re-focus on your breathing.
  • With the ring of the alarm, open your eyes. 
  • Now, pay attention to your surroundings, your feelings, and your body. And try to feel the difference which you may or not be able to feel at first. 

However, by working over time, you should experience mindfulness about your surrounding environment and your own feelings. The exciting part of engaging in a daily meditation process is that these feelings linger long, even after finishing meditating

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