Polo T-Shirt to Stay Comfortable and Stylish AM to PM

Polo T-Shirt to Stay Comfortable and Stylish AM to PM

Through the decade, polo t-shirts have gone in and out of popularity, but it is a classic piece that never goes out of style. Polo T-Shirt looks great on everyone regardless of gender, and it is the perfect piece to achieve the prep-inspired look. The versatility of this piece has made everyone take on this style and add a spin to it, from the dad-inspired, preppy, to the tennis aesthetic. 

Once associated with tennis, golf, polo game uniform, and frat boys, the classic polo t-shirt is back, and we see it everywhere, from streets to runways. Today, it has become a wardrobe staple and has the perfect balance between casual and business. Polo T-shirts can be styled for formal meetings, leisure wear, or sports game and can be paired with anything.

While to some, a Polo T-shirt may feel like a uniform, these smart collared t-shirts are much more than that. It is evident from the current style inspiration pictures on Instagram and Pinterest and the take on by famous luxury designers. So, if you want to try the polo t-shirt, here are some styling tips to help you stay comfortable and stylish. 

Pair It With Jeans

Pairing a white polo t-shirt with jeans is a classic, and it helps one achieve one of the most effortlessly stylish looks. Though it is a simple and easy-to-pull-off look, it is important to check the fit of the jeans to avoid looking sloppy. Avoid any baggy jeans; go for ones tailored to your fit. And choose the footwear depending on your aesthetic; a white pair of sneakers, converse, or heels. 

Pair It With A Skirt

Style this preppy piece with a skirt for a more dressed-up approach. Pair the polo t-shirt with a mid-length, a mini, or a pleated mini skirt for a trendy and stylish style. This look is fun, comfortable, modern, and preppy. The key point to this look is to choose the right type of skirt depending on the body type. 

Layer It Under Blazer/Shirt 

Layer the polo t-shirt underneath a blazer or a button-down shirt for a fun, casual, and relaxed look. Pull out a trendy or favorite blazer from your wardrobe, pair it with matching pants and layer the polo t-shirt underneath. Or you can switch the blazer with a button-down shirt. Anyone can pull off this casual and comfortable look, regardless of gender. 

Pair It With Plaid Trousers  

Pair the polo t-shirt with plaid pants to add personality to your outfit. Plaid pants have made a huge comeback, and they work well with fashionable street styles and are also popular in corporate settings. The polo t-shirt and the plaid pants are extremely versatile, and they are the perfect pair to pull off a smart casual look. 

Pair It With Your Favorite Chino 

Pair the polo t-shirt with your favorite chino for a smart casual or semi-formal look. With this pair, one can achieve a sleek and polished look by tucking in the shirt and wearing heels for office meetings or conferences. But for a more casual setting, the polo t-shirt and the pants can be paired with sneakers or mules.  

Pair It With Shorts 

A Polo t-shirt paired with shorts is perfect for summer days and a relaxed look. It is a simple outfit, yet one can instantly make the style timeless by going monochrome. Styling it with Bermuda shorts and sneakers/heels gives a relaxed, comfortable, and stylish look. For a trendy and comfortable look, this is the perfect pairing. 

Polo t-shirts are incredibly versatile and can be worn everywhere, from casual to formal settings, depending on the styling. It is perfect for any casual event for those who want to look well-put-together and still be comfortable. And with these versatile polo t-shirts, one can level up any look. If looking stylish and put together is what you’re trying to achieve, a polo t-shirt should be your wardrobe staple. 

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The Right Polo T-Shirt To Invest In

FitMod’s Lounge Polo T-shirt has soft, comfortable, and stretchy fabric and has a simple slim-fit design. It has a three-button neckline and a breathable short sleeve that is an essential on-trend piece. The lounge polo t-shirt is perfect for a semi-formal or formal look. It can be paired with jeans for a casual day out and formal trousers for a more formal setting. And the versatility of this piece makes it perfect for everyday wear.  


Polo t-shirts are versatile clothing to keep you looking stylish and comfortable from AM to PM. Thus, consider adding a polo t-shirt to your wardrobe. To find the best polo t-shirt in black, red, and white colors, visit Fitmod.

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