The Best Printed Tights & Workout Leggings to Invest in 2023

The Best Printed Tights & Workout Leggings to Invest in 2023

Printed tights are the only thing that fashion gurus can talk about this year. And because of the surging popularity of athleisure wear, these pieces will stay here for a long time. Moreover, gym fits are a must-have in every wardrobe, with workouts becoming an important part of our life. And the perfect piece of clothing to add style, stretch, and comfort to your everyday workout session is printed leggings. These pieces are not only perfect for creating a fashion statement, but they are also a lifestyle choice.   

If you are used to wearing your joggers or any other loose-fitting bottoms to the gym, you should immediately stop doing it because it will hinder your workout experience. Tights are the ultimate choice to get the best experience out of your gym session. They are comfortable, stretchable, don't slip down, and provide complete and unrestricted movement.  

So here we bring the best pair of printed tights that will make you never want to remove them and wear something else.

Things to Consider When Buying a Tight

When you are buying a pair of leggings, there are some things that you should look at and pay attention to. These things will make your workout sessions comfortable, and your garden strolls stylish.


We all know that tights are figure-hugging bottom wear fits. They are made to highlight all your curves and shape. Therefore, you must choose a fit that best suits your body and brings out all your best features. So, here are some tips for you to consider:


If you have a petite frame, you should try something with prints and colors. Or you can go for something shorter like capri pants. These pants will make you look taller instantly. 


With an hourglass shape, a high-rise bottom is a perfect fit for you. These pants will hug all your curves in the right places and cinch your waist. They will highlight your curves and make you look taller and leaner. 

Apple Shape

Individuals with apple-shaped bodies may find it difficult to find a fit that will flatter their look. But worry not because we are here for your rescue. You can go for a mid-rise legging or bottom wear. Mid-rise bottom wear will take attention away from your waist and add inches to your length.


You cannot wear any of your regular clothes to your workout sessions. That is because these clothes are not made to absorb moisture quickly and will only restrict your movement. Therefore, if you are looking for bottom wear that will keep you fresh the entire day and offer you complete movement, then opt for bottoms made from polyester or spandex. Polyester will offer your legging longevity, whereas spandex is good for stretch. 


The length of your bottom wear also determines how well you can do your exercises. For example, choose capri pants or leggings with a shorter length if your workout requires more movement. However, if your activity does not require you to move a lot, you can choose full-length tights. 


When choosing bottom wear for your workout session, the fabric's durability is also the main concern. So, if you need a gym wear fit that will last long without losing its shape, you should always choose nylon or spandex. Generally, gym outfits are specially made from this fabric thus they don't wear or tear fast. 


The design of your bottom wear is essential to keep things in place. The design of the leggings will help you move freely while also keeping you comfortable. So, while choosing the best one for yourself, ensure that they fit you snugly and don't ride up or down during the workout sessions.

Buttons And Zippers

Buttons and zippers are a good addition to jeans or shorts, but not your workout leggings. That is because buttons and zippers can dig into your stomach when doing exercises that include bending, leaning down, or stretching. Also, stretching can make the area around the zipper fall apart easily if the quality of the cloth is not up to par.

Type Of Leggings

When we are talking about leggings, there are several for you to choose from. Here are some things that can give you an idea of what is the best fit for you. 

Calf-Length Or Capri Tights


Calf-length or Capri tight are the ones that fall below the knees and sit above the ankle. These types of leggings are perfect for wearing during the hot weather. Also, they give your ankles some room to breathe and make you look taller. So, if you want to add the illusion of some inches to your height, these are the perfect fit for you.

Knee-Length Tights

 Knee-length tights or leggings are the best for doing activities like horseback riding, yoga, dancing, or gymnastics. These tights will give you more space to move freely and increase airflow.

Full-Length Leggings

lounge pants

Full-length leggings are a better option for the winter season. Also, if you wish to keep things more modest, these are the perfect fit. Moreover, if you wish to add a fun element, you can also choose printed tights because they are so in fashion nowadays. 

Why Leggings are the Best Choice for a Workout?

Leggings are a go-to for every woman when choosing a workout fit that is comfortable and not high maintenance. However, that is not the only thing that makes tights the best choice for workouts. Let's look at some reasons that will tell us why they are the top choice for women.


The first and most important advantage of investing in a pair of leggings is that they are comfortable. Whether you are going out for a casual walk along the park, lounging around the house, or going for an intense workout session, these bottomwear will keep you comfortable through it all.

Quick Dry

Logging will keep you fresh and stylish. If you are an individual who gets sweaty very easily, you need to try gym leggings. These are made using dry-fit technology that keeps you breathable all day long.

To Stay Warm During Winter Days

If you are working out during the cold weather, you need something to keep you warm and cozy. So, during the winter season, leggings are a better option than all the others. You can also layer your tights during winter with skirts or running pants and top it off with a sweatshirt or a hoodie.  

Doesn't Slip Down Or Ride Up

If you have worked out before then, you must know that it is very common for clothes to slip down or ride up. And frankly, it isn't very pleasant. So, to avoid that, ensure that you buy a pair with a waistband to keep things in place. Leggings with waistbands will keep you comfortable, so you don't have to adjust your bottoms every 2 minutes.

Wear All Year Round

Leggings keep your legs covered up and warm during the colder days. At the same time, these leggings will stop your body from overheating during the summer season. So, it is a versatile piece of clothing that you can wear during any weather but with just a bit of styling.

Easy To Care For

Leggings are very easy to care for; they don't require any extra care or special maintenance. You can just put our leggings in a washing machine to clean them and make them look brand new within no time.  

Are Less Expensive

A good pair of leggings are like an investment. But that does not mean you will have to burn a hole in your pocket. Leggings are not expensive, and since they are highly versatile, you can pair them in several different styles to create a new look.

Give a Flattering Look

We all know that leggings are the best when flaunting our curves in the most modest way possible. They are fitted and hug all the curves perfectly.

Available In Various Styles

There are different types of leggings available in the market. You will find leggings in solid colors, printed styles, or mesh panels for a new and interesting look.

Offers Complete Movement

Since getting complete movement is an important part of a workout, you must buy bottom wear that allows you the full range. And the best bottom wear that provides a complete range of motion is leggings. These are neither restricting nor comfortable in any way. 

The Best Bottoms For Your Next Workout Session

Now that you understand why leggings are the best fit for gym wear, you immediately need some in your closet.

Printed Tights


Printed tights are the ultimate fashion accessory for all fashionistas. These high-quality printed tights for women are perfect for carrying you through those intense training sessions in style. The tights are composed using 85% polyester and 15% spandex for long-lasting and comfortable wear. It features a 2-inch waistband that will keep it from slipping from its place. Also, the quick dry fabric will keep you sweat-free and fresh throughout your session.

Lounge Pants


lounge pant for women


Nothing quite works like basic tights. They are a classic fit and style for you to style with anything you like. These pants offer a clean and smart fit and are made with a breathable fabric. Moreover, these pants are highly stretchable, have a 2-inch waistband for complete support, and have side pockets for keeping your essentials. The lounge pants will hug your curves perfectly and give you a more flattering look. You can get these stylish in five colors: navy blue, black, bottle green, red, and white.     

Capri Pants

Capri Pants for women


Capri pants never go out of style. These pants are a perfect hybrid between shorts and leggings. They are perfect for wearing during the summer season. The capri pants gently hug the hip region and end just below the knees. These pants are made using quick-dry fabric to keep you comfortable and fresh even during a high-intensity workout session. You can pick from all the different colors available, like red, pink, and black.


To get a confidence boost and motivation to go to the gym, you need leggings that will flatter your figure and a style that appeals to you. Get your hands on the most stylish and comfortable printed tights, leggings, and athleisure wear fits from Fitmod. Our gym-fits are made from high-quality fabric, affordable, and available in different colors and sizes. We aim to provide the best gym athleisure wear for women of all sizes.

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