Best Ways to Wear a Versatile Co-Ord Set for Women

Best Ways to Wear a Versatile Co-Ord Set for Women

Traditionally, athleisure was limited to athletics and workout sessions. However, times have changed, and athleisure is a fashion trend now. Because in today’s world, we do not just look for comfort and fit; we look for style too. This is where co-ord sets come to the rescue.

Co-ord sets for women are the most effortless way to dress up. These sets are a holy trinity of comfort, fashion, and convenience. Further, minimalism and affordability are some of their added benefits. Co-ord sets can be styled easily, and they never go wrong with anything. From workout sessions to coffee dates, co-ord sets will never disappoint you.

Thus, if you are looking for something versatile yet comfortable, then there is no other way to go than shopping for co-ord sets. And to help with the athleisure wear shopping spree here is everything you need to know before buying co-ord sets. 

How To Identify Good Quality Athleisure Wear Co-Ord Sets?

There are many athleisure wear choices in the market, and finding the right one gets difficult as each of them claims to be the best. Thus, here is the guide to help you choose the right pair of your next athleisure co-ord set. 

Know What You Want

  1. Be sure about the fit you are expecting.
  2. The intensity of the workout determines the type of clothing; keep that in mind while shopping for athleisurewear. 
  3. Learn about your personal style, explore different styles, and mix and match a bit. 

Know The Fabric

There are a few different kinds of fabrics to choose from. 


It is one of the most used types of fabric for athleisure. Bright and vibrant colors show up easily on this fabric. 


 Lightweight, Crease resistant, Easy care, and Insulation. 

Spandex/ Elastane

This fabric is also known as Lycra. Spandex is extremely stretchy and is ideal for workouts that need heavy movements. In addition to that, it has excellent shape recovery. 


Great stretch, Breathable, Quick-drying                      

Know About The Fit 

It is essential to know the right fit for the right workout. Moreover, the correct fit is also necessary for regular everyday use. The seamlines and tight elastic bands can make a massive difference in the comfort and look of a product. Thus, perfect seamlines and not-so-tight elastic bands signify high quality. 

Know About The Specifications

Good quality athleisure should make the user feel at ease and comfortable. Following are some of the major specifications that every high-quality athleisure should have.

  1. Durability
  2. Breathability
  3. Moisture-wicking technology
  4. Stretchability 

How To Style A Co-ord Set?

Coords are versatile and comfortable to wear. The same co-ord set can bring out different styles with different accessories. One co-ord- different outfits.

Add Layers

A co-ord is generally of the same color or same pattern. To break the monotonousness, add a denim jacket or a varsity jacket or put on a blazer to make it look casual-formal. 

Wear The Right Shoes

Shoes that match your co-ord are essential to maintain the flow of the outfit. Wear colorful chunky sneakers and take your outfit to a different dimension

Accessorize Right 

The right kind of accessories can bring out the outfit to a whole another level. Do not be scared of adding something bold or something funky. Even a simple chain and pendant can add much-needed elegance. Bracelets, watches, and earrings can elevate the entire look. In addition to that, Funky socks with character prints are an amazing element to add.

Choose The Bag

Fanny packs are often accessorized with co-ords for their sporty casual look and convenience, but you can style your coordinated outfit with any bag you like. Wear a tote bag and go minimalist or a sling bag for chicness. But carrying a mini handbag will help you make a statement. 

Mix-Match And Make-A-Co-Ord Set

Coordinated sets are easy to make. You only have to take a specific pattern or color to coordinate, and there you have it.

Co ord set top

co-ord set
The Vest

This classic green ribbed vest is super comfortable and perfectly body-hugging. 

The Shorts

Sports shorts are comfortable and stylish. These shorts have a two-inch waistband for support and snatched waistline look. In addition to that, there are pockets in the shorts on both sides. The fabric material is breathable, stretchable, and quick drying. 

Pair them up together, and you have a co-ord set.

The Pants

These gorgeous leopard print pants are super stretchable and perfect for workouts. The fabric is breathable and sculpts the legs perfectly. Sweat-free leggings are like a blessing, and you will experience it with these pants. 

The Bra

The active bra comes with a zipper which makes it unique and convenient. It comes with removable pads for support and shape. Also, this bra is made with breathable and stretchable fabric for sweat-free comfortable wear. 

Style them up with a jacket or blazer for whatever look you are going for, and stay comfortable in style.

The Tank Top

This top comes with an inbuilt bra with removable pads attached for support and shape. The mesh on the front adds a layer of style. It comes in breathable fabric for comfortable wear. 

The Best Athleisure Co-Ord Shop Online

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Fitmod has a wide size range of products, and its size inclusiveness covers all body types. It is a brand focused on body positivity. The brand is all about acceptance and spreading love. Therefore, every body type has options to choose from and can feel and have the luxury of wearing high-quality athleisure. In addition to that, this brand has promised to deliver the finest products at an affordable price range. 

Fitmod has the best to offer to everyone, irrespective of body shape and size, at a pocket-friendly range.


Fitness is a lifestyle these days. We live in a fast pacing world, and everything needs to get done quickly. So, why waste time changing four outfits a day for four different occasions when you can wear one co-ord set and have four different outfits?

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