Gym Outfits for Women to Burn More Calories in a Day

Gym Outfits for Women to Burn More Calories in a Day

When it comes to working out, wearing the right clothing can make a big difference, as it can either make or break your fitness plan. The right gym outfits women should provide support, be comfortable, make you feel good, have moisture-wicking properties, and motivate you to work harder. And it is no secret that women want to look and feel good, whether they are hitting the gym, going for a run, or meditating. Or we should say that they want to look like an actress in gym outfits caught by paparazzi over the camera.  

And for most women, deciding what to wear to the gym can be stressful, especially if the goal is to be comfortable, appropriate, and look good at the same time. While many may think that wearing just any clothing will do, wearing anything won’t work. The wrong clothes may obstruct your workout session, as they will not be comfortable. So, to avoid uncomfortable workouts and burn calories, picking the right gym outfits is vital. 

There is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to gym wear and it is easy to get confused about what to pick. Thus, here’s a guide on choosing comfortable and stylish gym outfits for women to have a good workout session and burn those extra calories that have been troubling you since long. 

Check the following tips before buying your next athelisure wear. 

Your Sports Bra Matters 

Choosing the right sports bra is perhaps the most important thing when choosing the right gym outfits women. Make sure to choose the bra depending on the intensity of the workout and ensure that it’s neither too loose nor too tight. It is not wise to wear an ill-fitted bra and a low support bra for a high to medium-intensity workout, as doing so can lead to severe injuries and cause discomfort. 

Go for Breathable Athletic T-shirt Instead of Old T-shirts

We all love to throw on an old cotton t-shirt and head to the gym, but it is highly recommended to opt for athletic breathable t-shirts made from synthetic fabrics like polyester and lycra. While this means that you will have to spend a little bit more, they’ll be more comfortable to wear, dry faster, and last longer. If you are not comfortable wearing just a comfortable sports bra to the gym, a breathable athletic t-shirt will be the right choice for you. . 

Choose a Bottom Wear That Eases Your Movement 

Whether you prefer shorts or leggings, ensure that they eases your movement. While shorts are a preferable gym outfit option, for full coverage, leggings are recommended. You may be tempted to wear baggy joggers or track pants, but they tend to restrict movements, so instead, go for tight shorts and leggings to give you comfort while you focus on burning the calorie intake from your last cheatmeal. 

Do Not Sleep On Other Accessories  

While you give importance to a sports bra, shirt, and bottom wear, do not forget other gym accessories. When looking for shoes, consider the activity you’ll be engaging in. You’ll require running shoes on the treadmill and flat shoes for weight lifting. You will also need to get breathable socks, microfiber towels, and a bag to complete your gym outfits.

To extend our helping hand in finding you the right gym outfits, here are a few picks we have made considering every tip we have shared with you. Check out these outfits and make the right pick to get gym ready the right way. 

The Trendy Double Layered Shorts 



Fitmod’s trendy double-layered shorts come in two options, black on sand storm print over layer and the cool black-on-black. These shorts are quick-dry, breathable, made of stretchy materials, and come with pockets. These double-layered shorts are the ideal to form your next leisure or gym outfit. Visit our site to shop for these trendy shorts.  

A Chic Active Bra 



Complete your gym outfit with this active bra. The active bra with racer back design provides a wide range of shoulder and arm movement. It is soft, comfortable, and provides the desired shape and support.

The Most Versatile Sporta Bra 

Sports Bra


FitMod’s active bra melange has a front zip open racerback design and is easy to remove after a workout. It has removable pads, has a one-inch waist belt, and is the perfect sports bra for a comfortable yet trendly gym outfit. 

The Flex Fit Bra 

Flex Fit Bra

Grab FitMod’s flex fit bra, which is ideal for wearing during physical activities. It has a one-inch waist belt that provides comfort, fit, and support. While it is the perfect addition to gym outfits women, it can also be worn as a top. 

The Classic Vest 


Tank Top for women


These ribbed tank tops feature a high neck and stretchable fabric. The tops offer a sporty, fitted, and smart look, and while it is best suited for leisure wear, they can also be worn outside and while working out. 

The Play Vest 




Made of breathable fabric, the racerback tank top is ideal for leisure, casual, and gym wear. It gives off a fitted sporty, smart look, is extremely comfortable, and improves performance. 

To buy the best athelisure outfits and to choose from the best collections for your next gym wear outfit visit Fitmod. And unlock the world of affordable, comfortable, and trending athelisure wear styles.

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