Does The Walking to Lose Weight Plan Work?

Does The Walking to Lose Weight Plan Work?

Walking is one of the easiest, most practical, and most cost-effective forms of exercise to stay active and burn calories. Studies suggest that walking regularly offers many health benefits, including weight loss. However, many don’t view walking as effective as many other forms of exercise. Also, it has been proven over time that people who walk regularly stay more youthful, stronger, and happier. So, yes, the walking to lose weight plan is effective, provided that one remains consistent. However, the number of calories one burns will depend on the walking pace, weight, diet, and duration. 

The thing about incorporating a walking plan in your daily life is that it is extremely easy to do so, whether you like to walk on the machine, inside the house, around your workspace, or in your neighborhood. And the simplicity of this activity makes it appealing for many, especially those looking to burn more calories. While walking is appealing and easy to incorporate, it is essential to maintain balance and remain consistent to avoid injuries and achieve the desired weight. 

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Walking is the easiest activity to help you lose weight and keep you active. And if you think walking to lose weight plan isn’t an effective way to achieve your desired weight, this blog is here to tell you why you are not right. 

Why Is Walking The Best Form Of Exercise? 

Walking is among the best exercises as it offers many health benefits. Studies show that it can help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, and chronic disease. It can also lower cholesterol levels, improve circulation, reduce body fat, alleviate depression, stress, fatigue, and much more. Along with these health benefits, there are other reasons why one should incorporate a walking to lose weight plan. It is low impact; it does not require any equipment and can be done anywhere and by any individual regardless of their age. 

How Much Should One Walk To Lose Weight? 

Wondering how much you should be walking a day to lose weight? The answer will depend on the duration, speed, and consistency. One should walk at least 30 minutes daily to see results, even better if you gradually increase the walking time daily. Another important thing is speed; you will need to pick up the pace instead of walking slowly as it makes a big difference. However, remember that if you are getting into walking for the first time, start slowly and progressively increase the time and intensity. And remember to be consistent throughout the journey. 

Tips To Help You Get Started With The Walking To Lose Weight Plan

  • Be prepared to experience muscle soreness and fatigue- When you begin with the walking plan for the first time, remember that it can take a toll on your body. You’ll probably experience muscle soreness and fatigue. So, consider making massage a part of your daily routine to recover the muscle.  
  • Make sure to stay hydrated- It is essential to stay hydrated daily, especially if you are working out, as you must replenish the water lost due to sweat. Dehydration can lead to reduced energy, muscle cramps, dizziness, reduced performance, and reduced calorie burn. So, ensure to stay hydrated throughout the day. 
  • Invest in a good pair of shoes- A good pair of shoes is all the equipment you need for walking, so do not overlook the quality. Not wearing proper shoes can lead to injury, blisters, bruising, and more, which can be avoided by being mindful while purchasing them. 
  • Wear a weighted vest- Studies suggest that heavier people burn more calories while engaging in activities because their body requires more energy. So, if you want to lose weight more effectively, wear a weighted vest on your walk. However, consult with a physician first to ensure you do not get injured. 
  • Pick up the pace and change the route- Studies suggest that brisk walking will help burn more calories instead of strolling. Another way to help burn more calories is by incorporating hills into your walking to lose weight plan route.  
  • Make a realistic plan and stick to it- Create a realistic walking plan that you can integrate seamlessly into your daily life and then stick to it. If you are doing it for the first time, do not set an unachievable goal; start slowly, progress as you go, and stick to the plan.  
  • Split up the walking time and do shorter walks daily- If you plan to walk for about 90 minutes daily, you can split up the walking time instead of walking for 90 minutes at one go. Take 30 minutes walk three times a day after every meal, as it is the best time to lose weight through a walk. 


Incorporating a walking to lose weight plan is proven to help burn calories and other health benefits. However, taking safety measures, giving importance to nutrition, and maintaining consistency is essential. Walking is an exercise that doesn’t require you to pay extra attention to anything other than what you wear. Thus, it’s important to choose athleisure wear pieces that ensure more sweat and breathability to help you achieve your exercise goals easily. Visit Fitmod to check the best pieces when it comes to finding athleisure or sportswear pieces that “make the difference.”

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