Evolution Of Athleisure Trends: From The Gym To The Street And Runway

Evolution Of Athleisure Trends: From The Gym To The Street And Runway

Athleisure is the casual wear that blurs the line between luxury and leisure, and its influence on luxury fashion cannot be denied. Athleisure is more than just a fashion fad; it has become a lifestyle and a global phenomenon. The athleisure wear market is constantly booming, and most people seem to agree with its popularity. Many luxury brands and big personalities are expanding their collections and entering the athleisure wear retail market to meet rising consumer demands.

Not too long ago, sportswear was confined inside the gym when the word "athleisure" wasn't in existence. But while looking at the present scenario, we can see athleisure wear everywhere, from the gym to the street and runway. And it makes one often wonder why is athleisure so popular. Celebrity endorsements are soaring the athleisure wear market as many people are choosing to lead a more active lifestyle because of the influence of social media. 

Today, Athleisure Trends are not about wearing gym wear all day long and not working out. Instead, they are about taking athletic-inspired items and mixing them with other casual clothing pieces to create comfortable and fashionable streetwear looks. Athleisure pieces are practical, comfortable, and stylish, so one can easily pull off any look with them. They are designed to be worn for exercise and general use and include items ranging from sneakers, jogger pants, tank tops, and yoga pants to hoodies.  

Being a relaxed style, athleisure wear appeals to those who have an active lifestyle and others who want to opt for a trendy and comfortable everyday wear choice. To take a better look at the evolution of athleisure wear, let's first find the complete answer to what is athleisure wear. 

What Is Athleisure Wear?

The term athleisure is a combination of two words, "athletic" and "leisure," and it sits right between casual wear and sportswear, which means that it is a type of casual clothing designed to be worn during exercise and for general use. Athleisure Trends items are built around the idea of a relaxed and multipurpose style. And while the origin of the term "Athleisure" is relatively new, the concept of wearing sportswear for general use is something we have all tried in our past.

When Did Athleisure Trend Start? 

Athleisure Trends have taken the world by storm, and we're surrounded by Nike attires, Yeezy shoes, Lululemon yoga pants, Adidas, and more. The term athleisure was first used in 1979 in a Nation's Business issue where it was used to describe clothes and shoes designed for people who want to look aesthetic. Two decades later, in 1997, Women's Daily Wear defined athleisure footwear as a non-performance style. During this period, athleisure wear was defined as clothes designed to resemble sportswear but was not used to serve the purpose. But today, they are often referred to as casual clothing designed to be worn for both exercising and general use. 

Athleisure And Runway 

We can see a hint of sportswear merging with high fashion by the 1920s when Parisian designers like Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel and American Designers started infusing sportswear elements into their pieces to promote a more casual dressing. And by 2017, athleisure wear had caught up with runway fashion. While some brands directly adapted the athletic aesthetic, other brands started designing comfortable and spacious garments that felt as good as wearing athleisure wear. Then gradually and subtly, designers brought the elements of athleisure wear into high fashion through stretch apparel, base layerings, technical knits, and more. Since then, athleisure trends have been around in high fashion. 

Athleisure Trends And Streetwear

Streetwear is all about fashionable, comfortable, and casual clothing, which became global in the 1990s. Streetwear takes inspiration from hip-hop culture, skater style, punk, and Japanese street fashion. And the credit for making athleisure wear a trend goes to streetwear. Athleisure Trends in streetwear were first noticed in the 90s, and by the year 2010, streetwear fashion was mostly defined by hoodies, sweatpants, leggings, graphic tees, and expensive sneakers. 

The Impact Of Fitness Lifestyle And Celebrity Endorsement On Athleisure Trend 

Social media has become a big part of our lives, and the fitness lifestyle is one activity that has become worthy of sharing online. And this wellness obsession combined with social media has made consumers prefer to be camera-ready even when working out, which led to the rise of athleisure trends

Yes, there is no denying that athleisure trends were popularised by streetwear, but we also cannot deny the impact of the fitness lifestyle and celebrity endorsement of it. Many celebrities have started styling activewear as daily wear and made them a fashion statement, and the followers are taking note of it. Apart from making athleisure wear a fashion trend, some celebrities even came out with their athleisure wear brands. These are the two major factors fueling the rise of athleisure trends.

Celebrity endorsement, the fitness lifestyle, and social media go hand in hand. These celebrities who have endorsed the athleisure trends display their activewear brands on their social media platforms, where they have a large following. It prompts their social media followers to adopt a similar lifestyle. As a result, athleisure trends are popularly on the rise. 


The athleisure wear market continues to grow today and will likely expand, as it is the first choice of clothing for many individuals. If you are looking for an athleisure wear brand that you put your trust in, FitMod is the answer for you.

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