Athleisure Wear Outfits: Tips To Look Stylish In Them

Athleisure Wear Outfits: Tips To Look Stylish In Them

Athleisure wear: you may be hearing this term a lot nowadays. And why not? Athleisure wear is a trend that doesn't seem to fade away anytime sooner. Infact, we are sure you would want and should have athleisure wear outfits in your summer wardrobe. 

Whether you like to follow the trends or not, athleisure is a trend that you will immediately fall in love with. Because no matter if you are on the comfort side of the coin or the fashionable one, athleisure wear agrees with both its faces. 

There is no wrong with wearing athleisure wear on a coffee date right after the gym or to work to enjoy a more comfortable work vibe. However, just putting any sports bra/ polo t-shirt with any pair of leggings/ shorts isn't going to work if your goal is to look stylish in them. So, here are some athleisure wear outfits tips to help you achieve a contemporary look. 

Keep Your Outfit Crisp & Clean 

Just because athleisure wear outfits or sporty clothes are meant for comfort doesn't mean you can put them in any manner. In fact, there is nothing wrong with comfort while making a style statement. Therefore, ensure your athleisure wear is well cleaned, ironed, and has no pilling.

Dress It Up Well 

You must know that most celebrities and Instagram influencers have tried mixing and matching methods with their athleisure wear outfits, and you can try it as well. Infact, the real fun of athleisure wear lies in playing with this trend and mixing and matching it up with your existing wardrobe pieces. All you need to determine is how you can convert your regular athleisure wear pieces into athleisure wear for work, coffee dates, travel outfits, etc. Try pairing your yoga pants with a long loose shirt, and you are good for grocery shopping on weekends. 

Accessorising Appropriately Is The Key

Whether you believe it or not, the appropriate accessories and a bit of styling can elevate your simple workout look to a beautiful date night look within minutes. And when it comes to adding accessories, minimal and chic pieces are what you should opt for. Add a pair of vinyl hoops with your cycle shorts or skirt to elevate your whole look instantly. 

Balance Everything Well

Adding casual wear with athleisure wear is tricky, and the key to making your look work is to balance out everything well. Instead of wearing the same outfit everywhere, transition it according to the place you will be visiting. For instance, if you are going to the office, put a nice blazer over your sports bra and leggings, or tuck your favorite polo t-shirt with a skirt and slip into sneakers. 

Pair Them With Heels

You may think pairing heels with yoga pants may not be enough to create a look, but they can work as a stylish combo. Mixing & matching is all about finding the right balance, and this combo may be unexpected, but it is super chic. Many celebrities have shown us that this womens outfits athleisure wear style idea of pairing sweat pants with heels can elevate the look. 

Try The Complete Athleisure Look

While a complete sporty look may not be ideal for office wear, especially if the requirement is to wear formal clothing, they look extremely stylish in any other casual setting. Many tend to think that styling head-to-toe in athleisure wear outfits should be left for the gym, but with the right pieces of clothing, one can achieve comfort yet look chic. The term athleisure is a summation of the words "athletic" and "leisure," making the athleisure wear outfits stylish and comfortable. So, one can achieve a stylish look even with a full-on sporty look. 

Add A Touch Of Your Personal Style 

Add a touch of you to the sporty look, whether it is a pair of sunglasses, necklace, belly chain, or a fashionable bag. This tip will help you stand apart from the crowd while following the athleisure wear trend. So, if you plan to follow this trend, remember that the way you wear these pieces will help you create an individual style. 

Layer Sporty Bralette With Oversized Button-Down Shirt 

Consider mixing and matching your sporty bralette with a classy oversized button-down shirt or cardigan, a pair of jeans, and heels. If you are not afraid to show a little bit of skin, you can achieve a comfortable yet stylish look with this outfit. However, when you are layering, do not overlook your body proportion to avoid looking baggy. 

 It's a wrap of tips on how to style athleisure wear for a more stylish look. Step up your athleisure wear outfits game, and the tips are not limited to this list alone. Now that you know the tips to achieve a stylish look with athleisure wear hop into the trend with FitMod.

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