Plus Size Womens Athletic Shorts: The Perfect Activewear For You

Plus Size Womens Athletic Shorts: The Perfect Activewear For You

Whether you work out in order to make yourself active, get in shape, or as it makes you happy, going with the suitable clothing will make a great difference to your performance. Shorts perfectly suit summers and can be a gamechanger when worn while running, cycling, or stretching. Picking the best plus size womens athletic shorts will allow you to move freely while staying dry for longer durations. Let's know how you should style the plus size womens athletic shorts to slay the season. 

Plus Size Womens Athletic Shorts: Factors To Consider While Purchasing

Plus size womens athletic shorts come in various designs that you would love to wear while working out. Here are a few things you should consider before buying plus size workout shorts to make your workout sessions more comfortable and uninterrupted. 

Size & Length

The size and length are essential things to check before buying any plus size womens athletic shorts. If your athleisure shorts are too tight or too loose, they can affect your workout sessions entirely. Thus, choose the ones with a drawstring to easily adjust them around your waist as per your size and comfort. 

Material & Fabric 

While purchasing athleisure shorts for women, ensure the material is as softer and stretchable as possible. The fabric of your plus size womens athletic shorts should be breathable, lightweight, skin-friendly, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and stretchable to provide comfort and mobility because it will lead to better performance during your overall workout session. 


Pockets allow you to safely keep your essential things like cash, mobile, cards, earphones, etc. They keep your hands free and make it easy for you to work out properly.

Comfort Level

Whatever activity you are planning to do in your workout clothes, ensure your comfort first! Fortunately, modern athleisure plus-size activewear brands such as Fitmod understand that no one should sacrifice looks over comfort. And thus, provides you with athleisure wear shorts that are both stylish and comfortable. 

Tips To Choose The Right Plus Size Workout Shorts

Here are a few essential tips you need to keep in mind while looking for the right athleisure plus size womens athletic shorts:

  • It is advised to wear boyfriend-style shorts, if you have wide hips & thick thighs. 
  • If you have an hourglass figure, you should wear high-waisted athleisure shorts while working out, as they will highlight your waist beautifully.
  • Medium-rise and high-rise shorts are the best options for plus-size ladies. 

We have listed the 4 best plus-size women's athletic shorts for you to help you fix your athleisure wear wardrobe with comfortable and stylish pieces. Let's check out the best athleisure womens workout shorts!  

Best Stretchable Printed Double Layered Shorts

Ideal for physical activities, these athleisure shorts absorb moisture and keep your body dry, cool & comfortable during a workout session. The fabric is made up of highly smooth and stretchable cloth, allowing you to perform every workout movement and prevent accidental skin exposure efficiently. Shop these coolest plus size womens athletic shorts that don't lose their shape & color with Fitmod.

Most Relaxing Comfy Athleisure Shorts

Capri shorts for gym

The Comfy Athleisure Shorts are made of the most stretchable fabric, making it an ideal workout partner as it eases all physical activities. This activewear includes a soft elasticated waistband, breathable fabric, and two functional pockets to keep your hands free and your workout uninterrupted. Pair these plus-size athletic shorts with Calm Tee, petal tee, basic crew tee, or basic V Tee to achieve a stylish look. Shop these comfy athleisure wear shorts to get an effortlessly fashionable and comfortable look!

The Most Comfortable Athleisure Capri Wear

Lounge capri for women

The best athleisure wear shorts for all-day comfort with an advanced and slim fit, highly elastic Capri wear shorts allows you to move anywhere without any restriction. Easily available in both regular and plus sizes, these shorts can be paired with an oversized t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers. Shop this perfect utility gym wear Capri with Fitmod.

Stretchable High Waist Double Layered Shorts




These athleisure wear shorts absorb moisture and keep your body dry, cool, & comfortable all day. These shorts are ideal for physical workouts & are a combination of two layers, an inner layer, and an outer layer. The inner layer supports thigh muscles, whereas the outer layer has a relaxed & loose fit. Also, these shorts have secure zipper pockets that keep your valuables safe during a workout. Visit Fitmod to shop for the best double-layered shorts that allow you to perform your workout movement efficiently.

The latest trends and the increasing awareness about leading a healthy lifestyle have made athleisure shorts a part of every wardrobe. And thus, more and more people are searching for a brand that can fulfill the basic requirements of good plus-size sports shorts. It includes that the shorts should be both comfortable and stylish and should not be restricted to workout clothing only. End your quest for the best plus-size women's athleisure shorts that can be worn even after your workout sessions with Fitmod.

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