Top 8 Effective Yoga Asanas For Improved Mental Health

Top 8 Effective Yoga Asanas For Improved Mental Health

How often do you think mental health is considered a necessity? Well, mental health is generally kept at a lower dominance compared to physical health. However, we often forget that it takes a healthy mind to harvest the positive life mantras. Thus, it becomes necessary to know how to reach the level of comfort and positivity to boost one's mental health. And how yoga asanas for mental health help boost the mental peace of your mind. 

Let's take a tour of the benefits of yoga and the effective yoga asanas for improved mental health that you must do on an everyday basis. 

What Are Yoga Mental Health Benefits?

Modern research proved that practicing yoga is excellent for both your mental & physical health. Whether you are dealing with mental illness or any other kind of stressful situation, it would be helpful to add a few yoga asanas to your everyday routine. But, before that, it's essential to know the benefits of yoga asanas for mental health first. Let's take a look at the best yoga mental health benefits:

  • It calms your body & mind.
  • It builds confidence.
  • It improves your patience & also makes you feel more balanced from the inside.
  • Yoga balances your mood and combats common mental health issues such as depression.
  • It boosts your strength and endurance.

Top 8 Effective Yoga Asanas For Mental Health Wellness

Practicing yoga asanas that focus on preventing mental illness and promoting mental wellness helps you achieve mindfulness. Here are the top 8 Yoga Asanas for Mental Health you must try:

Asana 1: Garudasana

Garudasana helps stop anxiety attacks by improving your focus and is commonly known as an eagle pose. It requires you to breathe while holding your body in proper balance.

How to do it:

  • First of all, breathe in deep.
  • Next, shift the entire weight of the body on one leg.
  • Slowly wrap one leg around the other. 
  • Now, sink your hips & gently bend your knees.
  • Keep your body weight onto a flat ankle on the ground.  
  • In the end, wrap one arm around the other's elbow and wrists. 

Asana 2: Natarajasana

Natarajasana is commonly known as "the dancer's pose," & it works great for balancing your mood. Also, this yoga asanas for mental health is beneficial for those dealing with anxiety and depression. 

How to do it:

  • With both legs planted on the ground, bend one knee back, and grip your ankle using your arm.
  • Slowly keeping a steady posture, simply lean forward.
  • Next, lift your gripped ankle toward the sky. 
  • Extend your other hand free in front of you. 
  • Take at least five deep breaths. 

Asana 3: Virabhadrasana

Virabhadrasana is one of the most beneficial yoga asanas for mental health and is commonly referred to as "the warrior pose." There are many variations in it, and all of them need steady and focused breathing. Here, we are talking about the basic pose.

How to do it:

  • While on two feet, spread your legs wide.
  • Next, turn your hips to one side.
  • Then, turn your ankles to the side you are facing. 
  • Now, you will need to bend your legs to a 90-degree angle.
  • Stretch your arms straight, breathe in deeply & evenly for at least 10 seconds. 

Asana 4: Vajrasana 

Vajrasana is one of the most simple and effective yoga asanas for mental health wellness. It is a simple sitting yoga pose. Its name was derived from the Sanskrit word "Vajra," which means the thunderbolt or diamond.

How to do it:

  • Begin with this yoga asana by sitting on your knees.\
  • Stretch your ankles outward.
  • Then, bring your thighs & calves together.
  • Simply place your palms on your knees.
  • Breathe in & out deeply for 30 seconds to a minute. 

Asana 5: Padmasana

Padmasana is another basic yoga pose, hardest too for a few! It aids digestion, strengthens your spine, and promotes a calm mind, making it one of the most popular yoga asanas for mental health among the masses.

How to do it:

  • Firstly, sit in a crossed-legged position.
  • Gently lift your one ankle above your opposite thigh and place it as close to the hip as possible.
  • Do the same with another ankle.
  • Next, place your palms on your knees & keep the back straight. 
  • Slowly breathe in and out for 30 seconds. 

Asana 6: Vriksasana

Sixth in the list of most beneficial yoga asanas for mental health, Vriksasana, or "the tree pose," helps bring balance to your mind and body. It also helps improve the sense of self & makes you feel more mindful. 

How to do it:

  • While standing straight, lift one left and place the ankle on the inner part of your opposite thigh. 
  • This way, your knee will be bent outward. 
  •  Balance & stretch your arms upward and connect your palms. 

Asana 7: Savasana

Savasana is also known as "the dead body pose." It is one of the most relaxing yoga asanas for mental health, as it is similar to lying down to take a nap.

How to do it:

  • Lay down flat on the ground & stretch your legs out.
  • Stretch your arms beside & let your palm face skyward. 
  • Close your eyes, gently breathe in & out while focusing wanders around you.

Asana 8: Chakrasana 

Chakrasana is known as the "circle pose" and is considered one of the most tricky yoga asanas to improve mental health. It effectively helps your calmness and focus. 

How to do it:

  • While standing, slowly place your arms high above your head.
  • Keep your back straight & bend backward.
  • Do this till your palm touches the floor & keep placing your ankles on the ground.

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