What Is Body Positivity & How Fitmod Is Redefining It?

What Is Body Positivity & How Fitmod Is Redefining It?

Your self-confidence is something that you build after overcoming your tons of fears. Isn't it true? Small to big interactions with people outside and experiences can shape how you see and feel about yourself. Most of you might have spent some part of your life without feeling confident. Some of you might have been bullied in your school or college life just because you didn't fit the ideal body standards set by others. It hurts a lot. I can say this because I have also spent a large part of my life believing what others had to say about beauty and health. Their idea of a beautiful and healthy body forced me to stay reserved to myself while making me feel powerless as well.

However, that is not the way one should be living. Right? One must know how to live and fight these unrealistic standards set by society instead of believing in them. And now is the time to understand how you or someone you care about can step ahead and enjoy a better life by understanding  through the body positivity movement and achieving higher self-esteem. 

What Is Body Positivity?

Body positivity refers to the declaration that everyone deserves to have a positive body image. You should dress the way you want regardless of how society views it. It includes stopping giving value to their statements about the ideal body shape, size, and physical appearance. 

Also, body positivity is not just about challenging society's view on the physical appearance they give. However, it also identifies that judgments are often made based on race, disability, gender, and sexuality. 

Body Positivity Movement: What's The Goal Of It?

The body positivity movement was enrooted in the 1960s Fat Rights Movements. At that time, the National Association to Aid Fat Americans, abbreviated as NAAFA, struggled for equal rights for people with higher weights. Also, this organization criticized the diet industry as well. 

Over time, this campaign turned into a body positivity movement. This movement aims to challenge societal standards of physical appearance. In short, it promotes all body shapes, genders, sizes, and skin tones. In other terms, the body positivity movement goes in against the illogical standards of appearance that are leading on social media these days. As you know, most people upload edited and altered images on social media. Thus, it becomes challenging for others to determine what is real and what is fake. 

Some of the prime goals of the body positivity movement include: 

  • Promoting the acceptance of all bodies.
  • Challenging how to view and give statements on physical appearance.
  • Helping you build self-confidence.
  • Addressing illogical body standards.

Witness The Easiest Ways To Improve Your Body Image

As I shared, I have also spent a large part of my life without confidence. Over time, I have decided to cope with that and bring a body positivity movement into my life. Here, I am sharing the effective ways that have helped me, with the hope that you, too, can find them helpful for your journey:

Practice Positivity 

If a negative voice constantly pops up in your head and tells you bad things about your own body, it's time to flip this script. Start listing the things you like the most about yourself and your body as well. You may also tape notes or positive quotes to your mirror so that when low self-esteem and self-confidence hit you, you will be reminded of all the amazing things your body does for you.

Invest In Yourself First

Honestly, this tip has worked wonders for me. Investing in yourself is about freeing your mind up for more positive thoughts and powerful actions. By investing in yourself, you can do anything you set your mind to. When you think things are getting rough in your life, give yourself a break. Ultimately, investing in yourself is making yourself your priority.   

Do Not Compare Yourself With Others

As humans, we regularly feel the urge to compare ourselves with others. These comparisons can easily leave you feeling low and sad. Also, Social media forces you to compare your life to that of influencers and celebrities. However, "all that glitters is not gold," and everything you see on these digital platforms isn't true. So, instead of comparing your journey with someone else, you must learn to embrace what you have. 

Fitmod's Take On Body Positivity

Fitmod promotes the idea of body positivity, the body positivity movement, and encourages you to live your life the way you want. Every team member at Fitmod believes that every person is beautiful, and one shouldn't feel the need to fit into the unrealistic beauty standards set by society to feel the same way. 

As a top athleisure wear brand, Fitmod doesn't diversify its products based on sizes and provides athleisure wear products in every size ranging from S to 5XL. So, no matter what your body shape, color, or height is, you can have the best of athleisure wear and feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin. 

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