Top Self Care Habits To Manage Stress And Find Refuge In

Top Self Care Habits To Manage Stress And Find Refuge In

The term self-care has received a good amount of attention in recent years, as taking care of oneself to promote good health has become a priority for many. Self-care is the steps taken to tend to the physical and emotional needs to improve the quality of life. However, self-care should not feel like an escape from reality, but it should feel like a part of your lifestyle that keeps you at peace.   

Many of us are juggling between work, studies, taking care of physical health, and maintaining relationships with loved ones. And with it comes the stress that makes it incredibly challenging to do anything else. And for those individuals who are busy and stressed with their daily activities, self-care can often feel like another task to make time for. However, the self care habits to manage stress must never feel like an additional task. Instead, it should be relaxing. And the best way to achieve self-care without feeling like you're doing additional tasks is by adding it into habits and routines. 

If you are overwhelmed by the idea of indulging in self care habits for strong and healthy mind, and you're not sure how to go about it, you will find this blog helpful. Although there are many self care habits to manage stress that can be a part of your everyday life out there, we have listed the top stress management habits for you to find refuge in: 

Go Outside And Get Sunshine

If you are a homebody or are working from home, it is recommended to go outside and get a little sunshine daily. Walking outside, especially in the morning, can improve sleep, reduce stress, fight off depression, strengthen the immune system, keep the weight off, and has many other benefits. So, the first self care habits to manage stress is to go outside daily and try to soak in as much sunshine as you can. 

Take A Soothing Bath 

Ending your day by taking a warm, soothing bath can help you relax after a stressful day. The warm bath will relieve the aches and pain in your body and is the perfect way to disconnect from your worries. To make it more effective, add a few drops of essential oils into the bath, light some candles, play soothing music if you prefer, and give it the complete touch with a glass of wine. Among the self care habits to manage stress taking a relaxing bath is the best way to end a long day and replenish your energy levels. 


Maintain a journal and write about everything you are grateful for. Make it a practice to do it every day in the morning, at the start of the week, or at the end of the day. Doing this will help you focus on the positive things you are grateful for and the things that make you happy. Apart from positive journaling, you can also jot down the stressful thoughts you are having. Writing helps you to share the thoughts you aren't able to share with anyone else. Also, writing the things that you are grateful for is one of the daily self care habits that fill your inner self with gratitude and motivation. 

Prioritize Exercise, Sleep, And Healthy Food Habits 

Maintaining good physical health is the way to manage stress effectively. So prioritize sleeping, exercising, and eating healthy food over anything else. The list of the top self care habits to manage stress is not complete without focusing on the importance of maintaining good physical health. Getting enough sleep, eating healthy, & regular exercise may seem like big tasks, but it isn't, especially if you manage to convert them into a habit. 

Focus On Social Life 

While self-care is all about focusing on oneself, it is also essential to focus on your social life. A good social life is vital as it prevents you from feeling alone. Studies suggest that people tend to experience a lower level of depression and anxiety when they have a strong support system. Focusing on your social life also means learning to let go of the relationships that drain your energy. Focusing on simplifying social life is a tip you must include in your list of self care habits to manage stress

Do Something Fun 

Do something purely out of fun, whether taking a photography course, going go-karting, making bath bombs, cooking, spending time with your pet, swimming, or anything you find joy engaging in. Doing something purely for fun is an effective way to de-stress. So, make doing something fun a part of your self care habits to manage stress and make your life stress free. 

Lower Daily Screen Time 

Many people spend their downtime watching movies and scrolling through social media, but there is no denying the fact that excessive screen time can have a bad impact on our well-being. While social media helps us to connect with others, you can fall into the rabbit hole of comparing your life to that of influencers and people you follow over social media. Thus, instead of scrolling through the phone during downtime, try to connect and talk with a loved one or engage in other self care habits to manage stress

Declutter and Clean Your Space 

The last but not the least important self care habits to manage stress is to declutter and clean up your space, especially if it is messy. There is a common misconception about cleaning, and it is that many people consider it a chore. But the fact is, decluttering and cleaning can instead be an uplifting self-care experience. 


These are some of the top self care habits to manage stress, and although the tips are not limited to this list alone, they are an excellent place to get started. Following a self-care routine can be a game-changer whether you are stressed or not. So, begin your self-care journey today.

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