How To Style Athleisure Wear For Work To Look Fashionable?

How To Style Athleisure Wear For Work To Look Fashionable?

Because of working from home, you may have become habitual of working in your pj's. But now, with the world going back on track, you need something comfortable and stylish to fulfill your office clothing requirements.

In these times, athleisure wear is presenting itself as an effective solution to achieve a comfortable yet fashionable office wear look. And thus, one question is asked all over the internet, and we are here to answer it for you. But let's first understand what is athleisure wear and why is athleisure wear becoming popular these days.

What is athleisure wear?

Athleisure wear is athletic clothing that is comfortable yet aesthetically appealing and is not restricted to athletic activities. The true beauty of athleisure is that it is practical and fashionable and can be styled in many ways. Fulfilling the need for a comfortable and stylish clothing choice, athleisure wear bridges the gap between pieces you wear to the gym and to the office. 

Today's athleisure wear is better looking, better designed, and serves a better fitting to the wearer. And hence comfort lovers are wearing workout clothes all day, making athleisure wear transition from athletic apparel to everyday essentials. "However, to wear athleisure wear to the office, one must know how to style athleisure wear for work to look fashionable and stay comfortable. How do you style fashion athleisure wear items to enjoy a presentable formal look? So, let's learn more about the term Athleisure and styling tips to wear athleisure wear for work. But first, you must go through the dos and don'ts of wearing athleisure wear to the office. 

Do's & Don'ts Of Styling Athleisure Wear For Work

Let's take a step ahead to learn the dos and don'ts of styling athleisure wear for work to look dazzling yet stylish.

  • Start by staying creative, especially when mixing varied pieces or adding different layers to your outfit. 
  • Follow the seasonal trends regarding athleisure wear for work.
  • Combine various fabrics such as denim and leather with high-quality sports fabrics. 
  • Try to mix some sports pieces into your regular athleisure wear wardrobe to enjoy a balanced look.
  • Ensure to take proper care of your athleisure wear items. 
  • To add the extra effect, add jewelry & accessories to complete your look. 
  • Don't go with bright colors and prints.

How to Style Athleisure Wear Outfits For Work? 

Although, This is the era of comfortable athleisure wear where you have got the chance to look professional while enjoying the best of comfort. With the lineup of office-friendly womens outfits athleisure wear choices, you can effortlessly create brilliant outfits that you would never want to take off. 

Let's look at the following styling tips to wear athleisure wear for work & enjoy a comfortable and stylish look throughout the day:

Wear Formal Colors 

One of the easiest ways to dress up with athleisure wear for work is to choose work-friendly colors. Fancy suits & blazers that typically come in grey, blue, black, or even white shades look great when layered upon a sports bra for women. Thus, you just need to choose a blazer or coat that avoids patterns or prints & focuses on looking as formal as possible.

Get Dressed Up

Instead of pairing varied fashion athleisure wear items together, pick one athleisure wear item and pair it with other formal wear items to create an impactful look. Instead of wearing sweatpants or a t-shirt to work, try to wear an outfit that gives an idea that you had put time into it. A polo shirt paired with a knee-length skirt would not only look great but will also make you stand apart from the crowd.  

Choose Simple Prints & Patterns 

Avoid prints and patterns or bold-hued clothing items to create a sincere look. Remember that your goal is to look professional and stylish without sacrificing your comfort. And thus, you must avoid wearing something extravaganza that invites unwanted attention. Also, this doesn't mean that we support wearing monochrome outfits only. Today, many tasteful and unique color options are available in the market that will go well with athleisure wear, especially among the less-vibrant shades of Red, Purple, Yellow, and Green. 

Accessorize Your Look!

Just because you are going for a comfortable look doesn't mean that you should avoid accessorizing yourself. Accessorizing your look not only enhances it but makes you look more professional and your personality more impactful. There is no need to be afraid to add a pair of earrings/ hoops or a simple and thin pendant to elevate your whole look. 

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